Jazz/Contemporary Flutist. Bandleader. Arranger. Composer. Creative Musician @ H & J quintet

“ Hanna Kim is a fine flutist with plenty of facility and a beautiful sound. She is the one flutist that you really need to check out…”
Matt Marvuglio (1952-2017)

Jazz Flutist and a former Dean of the Professional Performance Division, Berklee College of Music.


1. H & J Quintet released debut album

2. Hanna Kim's Arrangement of H & J Quintet received a Category Winner and Finalist at the

Made In New York Jazz Competition.

(Top 2 - Arrangement Category

Hanna and Joseph quintet (H & J Quintet) released their debut album. Please check the music on CDbaby, itunes, Amazon, Googleplay, Spotify and more.

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